Monday, July 11, 2011

Sketches on Air

Pencil/Penbrush/photoshop..I did this while coming to Chicago from NYC.

Penbrush/Photoshop.. I gave the original drawing to my friend's son as a gift knowing he likes monster and stuff and of course I took a photo for me..

Sketchbook Pro 2011/Photoshop..I did this back in Sydney with my new Sketchbook pro software! I did the sketch and clean up the lines but I actually prefer the rough version..pick your fave..

Pencil/Sketchbook pro2011/photoshop..I did this on my way to NewYork from Chicago..

I did these sketches while travelling the USA by airplanes. Then use Sketchbook Pro 2011 and Photoshop as soon as I hit the ground. I Always carry my sketchpad with me and my handy 4B pencil and a sharpenner, a kneadable eraser, a ballpen and an inkbrush..

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